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Yellow Teeth can be very natural and typically are no cause for concern regarding oral health. However, yellow teeth can indicate that the tooth’s enamel is eroding and becoming thin enough to see the yellow of the dentin beneath.

As the enamel thins and the dentin becomes exposed it poses more of a risk of the tooth experiencing sensitivity or decaying.

This isn’t the only potential concern for those with yellow teeth, we also must acknowledge the impact our smile can have on our mental health. That’s why you must see your dentist and discuss the physical and mental health implications. You can then explore options (if there is no health risk) to look into a more aesthetic smile.

What causes yellow teeth

Yellow teeth can be the result of a variety of conditions are lifestyle choices:

  • Tooth Erosion – acids within the mouth.
  • Staining from food and drinks, such as carbonated drinks, tea and coffee.
  • Staining from smoking, vaping or chewing betel nut.
  • Trauma to the tooth
  • Poor cleaning habits
  • Ageing

How to prevent yellow teeth

Preventing yellow teeth requires you to make a conscious effort to protect and preserve your teeth. This can be done by adjusting lifestyle choices and habits to ensure the enamel of your teeth stays intact and does not stain.

Dietary changes to avoid food and drinks containing pigments which are more likely to stain is one effective method to ensure that the enamel of your teeth does not turn yellow. Ensure you don’t smoke, vape or chew on betel is another great way to preserve your pearly white!

Visiting your dentist for routine appointments is an essential part of protecting your teeth. They can identify problems, and it allows you to discuss any areas you feel you are struggling to maintain.

How to treat yellow teeth

There are a handful of treatments that may be recommended by your dentist, each treatment corresponds with the underlying cause of the yellow teeth.

The best way to treat yourself at home is to continue to maintain a solid cleaning routine with your teeth. This means flossing at least once a day, and brushing in the morning and evening. And for those willing to take it a step further they can brush their teeth are consuming any highly-pigmented food or drinks.

One of the most common treatments for yellow teeth is to whiten the teeth. We will always recommend getting this done professionally, as those with weakened enamel could put themselves at risk of destroying the remaining enamel.

For those who have discolouration on the inside of the tooth, typically due to a root canal. The tooth is then internally bleached brightening the tooth’s appearance.

How to spot yellow / symptoms

Yellow teeth are easy to identify due to their main characteristic and symptoms being their yellow-toned appearance. The yellow colour may be a deep yellow that may even have brown tones, or for some, it may be the slightest bit of yellow that is visible.

The following symptoms are commonly associated with other underlying conditions. If you feel that you are experiencing any sensitivity or notice a build-up of plaque, please do not hesitate to make an appointment with your dentist.


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