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Receding gums are when the gum line starts to migrate backwards, leaving more of the tooth slowly and eventually part or all of the root to be exposed.

Receding gums can be physically uncomfortable, but we also recognise the impact on a person’s self-esteem when they are no longer confident in their smile. We are aware some people may feel as though their confidence has been knocked as their gums recede if they are struggling. Contact us immediately so we can identify the problem and provide the best treatment and support for you.

What causes a receding gum?

A receding gum can be the result of multiple causes; however, it typically indicates poor oral health. If you think you may be struggling with the following, contact us and we’ll book you in for an appointment.

  • Gum disease
  • Diabetes
  • Hormonal factors
  • Smoking
  • Tartar build-up
  • HIV
  • Dry Mouth
  • Improper cleaning of the mouth

How to prevent receding gums?

One of the most effective ways to prevent your gums from receding is to attend your routine six to twelve-month appointments with your dentist. It is also really important that you maintain your oral health by cleaning the teeth, gums and tongue.

If you find you are unable to properly clean your teeth and want to prevent any gum recession, book in an appointment with a hygienist.

To properly clean your teeth you will need to floss once or twice a day, ensuring to get between each tooth. Then you will need to brush your teeth aim to be gentle and move in circles over the tooth to ensure each side of the tooths surface is clean.

How to treat receding gums?

Treating receding gums is of high importance, preventing any more gum recession will not only protect the teeth but will also ensure your overall oral health is intact.

If there is an infection in the gums, the dentist will find it and determine which treatment will be most appropriate for the condition.

  • A scaling and planing appointment.
  • Routine dentist appointments.
  • Regenerative surgery or Opened flap scaling and planing.
  • Gum grafts.
  • A change in lifestyle, such as quitting smoking.

How do you spot receding gums/symptoms?

Receding gums can be hard to spot in the initial stages, because of this you must attend your dentist appointment so your dentist can identify any problems from an early stage.

Your gums may appear a deep red or pink colour and may be tender and swollen. You may notice your gums bleeding after flossing and brushing your teeth.  The gumline itself may feel especially sore to the touch, and you may feel the gum starting to recede higher and higher.

As a result of the receding, you may notice the root of your tooth becoming visible, and the teeth may even become loose.


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