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A gap between the teeth also known as a diastema is when there is a space between the teeth, typically seen in the two front teeth in younger children as their permanent teeth grow in.

What causes a gap between the teeth?

Gaps between the teeth are usually a result of genetics, these genetics determine the space you have in your mouth, the number of teeth you will have, along with the shape and size.

  • Genetics impact how and where they will grow.
  • Trauma can cause the teeth to shift.
  • Periodontitis can cause tooth loss leading to gapping.
  • Sucking of the thumb.
  • Pushing the tongue against the teeth can cause the teeth to shift and gaps to appear.


How to prevent a gap between the teeth?

There is little to no prevention for the way the teeth naturally grow in the mouth. Instead, if you are unhappy with your gapped teeth, contact your dentist and they can discuss treatments or potentially refer you to an orthodontist.

How to treat a gap between the teeth?

It is important to note that gaps between the teeth are completely natural and look normal. If you are struggling with confidence because of your gapped teeth, contact your dentist and they can consult you on the best treatment.

  • Braces can help re-align your teeth.
  • Composite bonding can be done to reshape the teeth.
  • Veneers can coat the top of the teeth, though this is irreversible.

How to spot a gap between the teeth/ symptoms

Gapping between the teeth is quite easy to spot, there will be a noticeable space between a tooth and the teeth next to it. This means no part of the teeth will be touching. If you want to explore methods or re-align your smile, contact us and we’d be happy to discuss the different options available to you.


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