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What is a chipped tooth?

A chipped, split, or broken tooth is when part of the tooth breaks apart from the rest of the tooth which is still intact. Chipped teeth can be a result of a plethora of issues like eating hard foods or trauma. It’s important to book an appointment with your dentist if you have chipped a tooth.

What causes a chipped tooth?

A chipped tooth can be caused by a variety of factors, if you have chipped your tooth, it is important to book in with your dentist to prevent any more damage.

  • Grinding the teeth.
  • Trauma to the mouth can cause part of the tooth to chip off.
  • Eating hard foods like hard-boiled sweets, apples, or nuts.

How to prevent a chipped tooth?

Preventing a chipped tooth can be tricky due to the nature we incur them, which is typically a trauma to the tooth or from eating. However, we suggest the following guidance to help keep your teeth in perfect condition:

  • Brushing and flossing the teeth twice a day.
  • Attending routine appointments with your dentist, typically every 6-12 months.
  • Avoid chewing on hard-boiled sweets, instead suck on them.
  • Decay can lead to a weakened tooth.
  • Using a mouthguard at night to inhibit teeth grinding.
  • Using a mouthguard when playing contact sports.

How to treat a chipped tooth?

A chipped tooth should be seen by your dentist, we do not recommend attempting to fix it at home. Book an appointment with your dentist if you have chipped your tooth as they are backed with experience and knowledge to help repair your tooth correctly.

A chipped or broken tooth can be fixed in a few different ways, the first and most common for minor chips is a filling or composite bonding depending on the extent of the damage. The dentist will be using filling material or composite to restructure the tooth back to its original form.

One of the treatments available is veneers. Veneers can be used in cases where the tooth is still intact enough to be covered with the veneer. An alternative to veneers for an aesthetic finish would be composite bonding.

A crown can be placed on top of the chipped, broken, or cracked tooth, a crown will help protect the damaged tooth by shielding it.

A root-canal may be needed if the pulp and blood vessels within the tooth have become damaged. A root canal will ensure that the tooth is saved and preserved, whilst preventing more extreme damage from developing in the area.

How to spot a chipped tooth

A chipped tooth will likely be noticeable based on the feeling of the tooth after the chip has happened, the tooth may feel jagged. In appearance, you should be able to see the area of the tooth where it has chipped.

In cases where the chip or break has happened due to trauma, there may be tenderness in the area, especially the soft tissues such as the cheek or gum if they have been scratched. The tooth may experience sensitivity to heat and pressure whilst eating and drinking.

If you have chipped or broken a tooth it is important to make an appointment with your dentist. Even minimal damage can lead to more problems arising within the mouth.


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