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What are crowded teeth

Crowded teeth are characterised by the overlapping of the teeth due to the amount of teeth in the mouth. This is typically seen in those with smaller mouths or additional teeth.

Crowded teeth do not typically pose any risks, some may find it hinders the effectiveness of their flossing and brushing, and others may find it impacts their mental health. If you are concerned about your overcrowded teeth, contact the dentist and they’ll be able to discuss the appropriate treatment.

What causes crowded teeth

Teeth overcrowding is commonly the result of a mouth that is small and struggles to fit all of the teeth in an arched alignment. Another common cause of overcrowding is hyperdontia, also known as supernumerary teeth. Where additional teeth can be found on either side of the mouth on both the bottom and top sets of teeth.

How to prevent crowded teeth

Prevention of overcrowding can be slightly trickier to prevent, due to the genetic influences on tooth growth. Instead, a lot of the prevention comes from identifying overcrowding in the earlier stages of life, when the teeth erupt after the baby teeth have fallen out.

Attending routine appointments with the dentist every 6-12 months is a great way to negate any long-term impacts of overcrowded teeth. In your appointment, your dentist will assess and address if the overcrowding is negatively affecting the health of the mouth.  In cases where the dentist identifies the need for re-alignment, you will likely be referred to an orthodontist.

How to treat crowded teeth

Overcrowded teeth can be treated in numerous ways, and each type of treatment will vary depending on what is most appropriate for the patient’s oral health.

  • Aligners like Invisalign.
  • Clip-in braces also known as removable braces
  • Fixed metal or clear ceramic braces, including lingual (which are fixed on the back of the teeth).
  • Wisdom teeth removal in cases where it is deemed necessary for the overall health of the teeth, gums and mouth.

How to spot crowded teeth

Overcrowded teeth will likely appear to overlap each other, some teeth may be twisted at an angle. Another sign of overcrowded teeth is struggling to floss between the teeth due to how close the teeth are together.

Some patients may struggle to chew their food due to misalignment, this can cause patients to frequently accidentally bite their inner cheek or tongue.


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