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Composite bonding is a cosmetic procedure that restores misshapen, damaged or discoloured teeth.

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What is Composite Bonding?

Composite bonding is a cosmetic procedure that uses the same material as white fillings to enhance the teeth with a natural appearance.  It can be used to:


  • Repair chipped and broken down teeth
  • Close gaps between teeth
  • Reshape teeth
  • Enhance worn down teeth
  • Disguise pointy teeth (especially canines)
  • Lengthen short teeth
  • Whiten discoloured teeth
  • Disguise mild crowding
  • Provide a full mouth “mini” smile makeover


It is a great alternative to veneers, it is quick, less expensive and non-invasive.

Composite bonding at our Cannon Street clinic in the City of London

If you're thinking about composite bonding, you'll be asked to book an appointment with our cosmetic dentist who will inspect your teeth and explain how the process works. Your dentist will also work with you to determine what results you can achieve.


On the day, the surface of the tooth will be roughened up for the composite to adhere strongly, then place and shape the composite onto the tooth’s surface. We will then use a curing light that will harden the composite and more layers will be added. Once the bonding process is set, the composite resin and your natural teeth will be contoured and polished for an even result.


You'll be given clear and practical advice to follow in order to lengthen the lifetime of your cosmetic bonding treatment. Your dentist may advise that habits such like too much coffee, red wine or smoking could stain your teeth and you should look to cut them down.


How long will my composite bonding last?


As with almost anything else, composite bonding does not last forever and will eventually need replacing. Typically, composite bonding will look flawless for around 5 years.

Composite bonding to restore your smile in the City of London


Does cosmetic bonding hurt?

Generally, composite bonding is pain-free and there will not be any need for local anaesthetic injection. If the case is more complex and involves multiple teeth or if we need to replace an existing restoration that is quite large, it might be necessary to use anaesthetic. Your dentist will speak to you about what is necessary in your case.

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How much does
composite bonding cost?

  • Composite Bonding

    This is per tooth.


Frequently Asked Questions

What are the advantages of composite bonding?

It is mostly a non-invasive procedure as there is no drilling involved, however in order to prep the tooth we will use a liquid that will roughen the tooth surface in order for the composite to bond strongly. It is faster than veneers as the whole procedure can usually be done in one visit.

What are the disadvantages of composite bonding?

One of the main disadvantages of composite bonding is that over time it requires regular touch-ups and the surface of the tooth can become dull. The composite is more likely to stain and chip than natural teeth.

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