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German Dental Clinic is pleased to offer general dental check-ups in and near Cannon Street, London Bridge, City of London, Mansion House and Monument. Our dental practice is ideal for patients looking to maintain a healthy oral routine and ensure a naturally gorgeous smile. We offer dental appointments for regular check-ups for both adults and children in the Cannon Street area.

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What is a dental check-up?

A dental check-up is a regular appointment, usually spaced by around 4-6 months, to allow your dentist to check your oral health and identify any potential issues with your teeth or gums.


Attending a regular dental check-up is crucial for catching dental problems like tooth decay and gum disease as early as possible. The earlier these issues are found, the higher chances of success your dental team will be able to have to rectify.


Dental check-ups typically take around 20-30 minutes and involve a short inspection of your mouth. Your dentist will then advise on follow up treatments to address any issues you may have. Your dental check-up also gives you the opportunity to speak to our dentist about any additional treatments or advise you require.

Dental check-ups in the City of London
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Benefits of a private dental checkup in London

At German Dental Clinic, we offer several advantages to enhance your dental experience, making it more convenient, comfortable, and effective.

  • Access to the Latest Technology: We use state-of-the-art dental technology, ensuring you receive the highest standard of care and the most effective treatments available.
  • More Personalised Care: Our private dentists dedicate more time to each patient, allowing them to understand your individual needs and concerns thoroughly.
  • Longer Appointment Times: Enjoy longer appointment durations with our private dentists, providing ample time to complete your treatment and address all your questions.
  • More Flexible Appointment Availability: Our clinic offers greater flexibility in scheduling, making it easier for you to find appointment times that fit your busy lifestyle.

Experience the benefits of personalized and advanced dental care at German Dental Clinic.


Protect your oral health with regular check-ups

Prevent Gum Disease: Gum disease often progresses silently, showing no symptoms until it’s advanced and a tooth needs to be removed. During your dental check-up at German Dental Clinic, our skilled clinicians thoroughly examine your mouth for early signs of gum disease and provide expert advice on prevention and treatment.


Screen for Mouth Cancer: Early detection of mouth cancer is crucial for successful treatment. Our dentists are accredited by the Mouth Cancer Foundation, ensuring that if we spot anything unusual, we can quickly refer you to a specialist for further tests and diagnosis. Early identification significantly improves the chances of a full recovery.


Stay proactive about your oral health with regular check-ups at German Dental Clinic, where your well-being is our top priority.

Composite bonding at German Dental Clinic in the City of London

You'll need to book your appointment with our dental practice team in advance. Please bear in mind that our schedule can often be quite busy so it's best to try book several weeks in advance, or better yet, immediately after your last appointment. Our team will book a convenient time for you. On arrival you will be asked to wait in our state-of-the-art practice until called upon by the dentist.


You'll be asked to sit/lie down on the specialist dental chair so that the dentist can properly inspect your mouth. Your dentist will be accompanied by a dental nurse who will take notes of your dentist's observations. Your dentist may scale some teeth to check for decay. Once complete, your dentist will likely ask a number of health and lifestyle questions to better understand your circumstances.


Usually the dentist will make advise about a particular treatment to address any issues e.g. if you need a filling. Alternatively, they may advise about your brushing method or your diet to avoid potential dental harm.


How long does a dentist check-up last?


Standard appointments last around 20-30 minutes per patient. This gives the dentist enough time to inspect your oral health and ask any necessary questions so they can recommend a suitable treatment plan.

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Are you a dentist taking on new patients?


Yes. We’re happy to accommodate new patients in our state-of-the-art and recently refurbished dental practice. We’re conveniently located in Cannon Street, nearby to central London public transport links and ideal for any professionals that work in the nearby area who want to “nip to the dentist” for their appointment during or after work.


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How much does
a dental check-up cost?

  • New patient Examination

    New patients will have a x-ray of their mouth taken to identify any potential issues as well as an oral inspection. Your dentist will ask a number of health and lifestyle questions.

  • Routine Dental Check-up (after initial consultation)

    During this appointment your dentist will check your teeth, oral health and will provide treatment advice for any issues identified.

  • Routine Child Dental Check-up

    During this appointment your dentist will check their teeth, oral health and will provide treatment advice for any issues identified.

  • Smile Makeover Consultation

    For patients requiring an in-depth inspection and treatment plan for veneers, veneers, composite bonding or alignment issues. We provide an extensive examination of teeth & oral health.


Frequently Asked Questions

What if I'm a nervous patient?

Don’t worry if you get a little nervous about visiting the dentist. Our staff are experienced and trained to help nervous patients feel calm and comfortable for their treatment. We take pride in clearly communicating every step of what we’re doing and why as to reassure our patients. If you are a nervous patient, just mention it to your dentist before the check-up begins.

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